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Jamy Billing offers turnkey credit card billing services for your company. You just choose the amount that you want to bill them. Jamy Billing will take care of the rest. Jamy Billing offers a turnkey way of billing, having your own affiliate system and if need be a password management system for membership type sites.

Signup for the Jamy Billing service is simple and instant. You can start using the Jamy Billing system immediately after signup. The fees to use the Jamy Billing service is reasonably priced compared to others.

Customer Service is #1 with us.
We pride our selves at providing the best customer service possible. We still believe the customer is always right. If you run into any problems, we will fix that problem as soon as it is known. Jamy Billing will work with you, to help make your business run as easy and as smooth as Jamy Billing can. We listen to our clients, to make your life easier.

Security is of the utmost concern.
Jamy Billing takes security of your data very seriously. Jamy Billing will never sell or give out any client data in accordance with the Jamy Billing "Privacy Policy". Jamy Billing takes every measure possible to protect any and all data that runs through Jamy Billing. You can rest easy, knowing your data is safe with us.

Easy system integration.
The Jamy Billing system is easy to setup and manage. Jamy Billing will listen to what you have to say to make life easier for you to run your business through us. You can track your affiliates with your system or ours. Jamy Billing will also take care of the usernames & passwords of your customers if need be.

Affiliate Tracking System:
Jamy Billing will track all signups for you. You have the option of paying your affiliates or letting Jamy Billing pay your affiliates out of your payout each week. You have full control of how much you want to pay them and when they get paid. The url to the tracking system will be setup on your site. This allow you and your affiliates to promote your affiliate program anyway you want.

You will be provided with real-time reports of all sales. We provide reports of sales, returns, affiliates, payouts, etc.. If we don't have a report that you need, let us know and we will get it for you.

You have full control of how your join pages look and say. What is sent out in the emails that your customers get. How your affiliate page looks and the email sent to your affiliates at the time of signup.